1. I Gotta Go

From the recording The Sum of My Pardon

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Verse I
I gotta go
Freely like a bird
My soul to praise new skies
Sing with me again
I gotta go
Strive to shine your world
To save your mother Earth
Sing with me again

You know it always seems impossible until it’s done
Remember what you do today can change tomorrow
Glory be the heavens
For your moon to cheer the stars
I gotta go

There is no easy walk to freedom
There’s hills and valleys still to overcome
As a brave man although you will feel terrified
With some courage you can triumph over fear
I gotta go

Verse II
I gotta go
So wipe away your tears
Your Joy will burn the pain
Sing with me again
I gotta go
Open up your heart
The future will be claimed
Sing with me again