From the recording The Sum of My Pardon

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Verse I
Fallin’ in love with you Honey, I’ve got a truly call in love
Gonna be with you Lover, I’ve got attractive pearls in gold
Feeling your tenderness my Gee, the brighten love is spitting blood
In my deepen heart Honey, I’ve seized the golden pearls in mood

It’s time to say that I love you– my widely heart smiles your Art
It’s time to hug you strongly – my open arms may cheer your chest
It’s time to deeply kiss you – my parched lips may claim your kiss
Yo mot’ Omati na Escalier Ya la Vie, Essengeli to Latana ba wolo nde na Bolingo

The Kingdom for Love is born oh oh oh!!!

Yeh yeh eh eh eh oh oh oh oh Bolingo na ngai yoka ngai my Lover
Ngai Na Lingi Yo, Motema Na Ngai Bolingo na ngai
Ngai Na Lingi Yo, Yo Mp’oponi Ngaii, Tolingani na Motema Moko
Ngai Na Lingi Yo yeh yeh - Kiss Me Lover, Swing Me Bolingo
Ngai Na Lingi Yo, Yo Mp’ Oponi Ngai, To Lingani Suka Bolingo Oh Oh

Verse II
Motema Na Ngai Pwelele,
Na si na Fongoli Yango Mpo Na Yo oh oh oh
Mpo ete Nzambé Apambolaki, Bolingo Yo Na Ngai Tolingani
Fololo Ya Bolingo Na si zui Bolingo Nzamb’ Apesasi Ngai
Ba Plaisirs Mpe Minioko Na la Vie, To vivre Yango Elongo Yo Na Ngai

The Kingdom for Love is born oh oh oh!!!